WP Price Updater

Update Product Prices via Google Sheet #

The WP Price Updater App supports the updating of the product prices (actually the product variant prices) in the Shopify store from data given by a Google Spreadsheet.

When everything is setup in the WP Price Updater App you can press “Update Prices” to update your prices in Shopify from the prices in the Google Spreadsheet.

Preparing Google Sheets #

Setup the Google Sheet #

The menu point Manage Products supports the setup of the Google Sheet. There are two submenus Export All products and Specific products.

All products #

In the case that all product variants should be updated again a list is displayed and it can be copied to the Google Sheet. Within the Google Sheet the formula for the calculation of the prices can be provided. Currently there is a maximum of 250 variants that can be retrieved in this step.

Specific products #

When selecting Specific products a list of product (variants) is displayed and the specific products can be selected. After clicking add a table is presented which can be copied into a Google Sheet.

Set the recalcultions interval in the Google Sheet #

To trigger recalculation in the Google Sheet adjust the setting in the Google sheet accordingly, for details see here

The WP Price Updater App expects data in a public Google Sheet set up in columns with headers product, variant id and price. More columns are possible in the Google Sheet but will be ignored by the app.

Within the WP Price Updater App the link to the range is required.

Why using Google Sheets #

Goggle Spreadsheet allows to calculate prices any way a user wants to, for example from exchange rates via the function `GOOGLEFINANCE'.

Whenever a link to a Google Sheet is provided the sheet can be opened in a new tab via clicking on Open Google Sheet

Regular price updates #

The menu entry ‘Schedule’ allows to setup regular updates. From the screen you may chose the months, days of months, days of week, hour and minute for the update. Currently only on schedule is supported for a customer and only one selected hour.

Schedule regulare updates

The email field is required.

When clicking submit a mail is sent to the provided email address with the requested price update. In addition a email is sent whenever an update is run reporting on the success or failure of the price updates.

Please be aware, that it might take up to 24 hours to set up the new schedule.

Current Limitations #

  • At the moment only one update per day can be scheduled.